Day 26

The Carer’s house feels a little empty.

Ruby’s Boss has returned and so has she … to her own house. Even the mouse has failed to put in an appearance!

It’s raining this morning, so everything feels and looks a little grey.  Holidays are over and, once the Cleaner has been, reminders of her will be all tidied away.

What a difference a dog makes!



Day 25

There’s something happening around here today that I’m not sure about … but I guess I will find out soon enough….

But first, let me share what we found last night on our walk….we took the secret route again.  It was a little later last night so we thought we might upset a few roosting Bronzewings but they seemed to have put their heads down and were fast asleep when I walked past.

I wasn’t paying attention to the trees down the hill but the Carer was…..

Black tailed Wallaby….

We found the little veggie thief lurking in the pine needles.

She was fascinated by this web – what had attracted her was, that from a distance it looked solid – like there was plastic or fabric caught in the branch.  Closer inspection revealed a complex and dense web:

Almost like gossamer… what kind of a spider weaves a web like this?

So…. flat out trying to avoid noisy election broadcasts and what should scuttle past but that pesky mouse again…. the Carer spent the evening alternatively knitting and wielding a rolled up newspaper… neither were terribly successful.

This morning we headed out for a walk…. we could hear the steam train warming up and we managed a couple of good photos – this time I wasn’t frightened of the big black monster….

On we went …..and found two smokey patches this morning! They must have a lot to burn at this place!

But their piles of burning are small…. check out the size of this heap….I wouldn’t want to be around when this one goes up as I reckon I’d be toast!

Those silly sheep must be getting fat or complacent…. I sniffed the fence line back and forth and gave them my best dog stare – they just sat there looking back at me and didn’t make a single move to run.  How disappointing!

Round the track past the giant puddle, and off into the scrub…. oh look!  I’ve been here before!

Yes… those are my tracks in the mud…. and there were some other ones nearby going in the opposite direction…

Bit further down this track and there’s a place where people have dumped lots of rubbish in the past…. we quite liked this pattern of broken crockery and plant pot with steel ….

Rubbish mosaic?

Heading back and we noticed that there were more flowers starting to appear – maybe that’s because the days have been fine and they are being fooled into thinking its spring already…

Not sure what this ground cover is but the fine red tubelike flowers have all appeared in the last two days.

And as we were heading back past the fires, the Carer spotted something she was not expecting to see for a few months yet….. cheeky little baby Sundews popping through…

Was a nice morning for a walk…. now to see what else happens today ……


Day 24

Who hoo!  The Chimney’s smokin!

This fabulous cloud formation was just in the right spot to make it look as if the Beehive was firing up again….

We decided we’d go off track and up the line kiln path again last night but we couldn’t find anything all that exciting until we turned around and looked back…. we were just on the right angle to catch this shot.  Sometimes her obsession with taking pictures pays off!

It was a quiet night for a stroll and that tatty moon is not quite so tatty any longer…. soon I’ll be able to howl at the moon!

It looks almost full in this picture but its not quite there yet…. another couple of days perhaps?

Was a bit cranky ‘cos we found this takeaway coffee cup on our nice clean roadside….what don’t people get about takeaway?  You’re not meant to leave anything behind!

Rude shock when we got up this morning…..NO WATER!

This time the pipe right across the road had a moment and decided to let all this water out to wash down the road and spread the new gravel on the chook Bloke’s driveway everywhere.

…not a terribly good photo but the rupture is right in the middle of the gravel car park over the road….they had turned the water off so you can’t see how much mess it was making.

So…. the Carer is a bit smelly this morning but she’s okay ‘cos there was enough water in the coffee machine to ensure she was sane for the start of the day.  The Bloke complained ‘cos he had to go to work without having a shower too…. we are filling buckets from the tanks to flush the toilet and we have our fingers crossed that the water will be back on soon as we have plans for today that need water!

Out for our walk and the workers were hard at it… lots of noisy machinery….

But we took off to other side of the railway to see if we could find Kangaroos this morning….but there were none. 😦

Another little smokey fire in the fire pit today – I wasn’t allowed to go and check the ant’s nest for rabbit remains which was probably just as well…

Past the sheep paddock on the way home – silly sheep were all sitting on the ground.  They will have very wet bottoms ‘cos there was quite a heavy dew last night, enough to make the gutters run and drip water into the Carer’s small tank.

Another pile of drinking litter…. don’t these people realise that aluminium cans don’t rot down???

Okay – the Carer tells me she’s got to go off and vote now…whatever that means, so I am being left to supervise the house and to keep watch on those water workers across the road….



Day 23

We took a walk last night through the secret path in the reverse direction again….but first we had to stop and admire the Wattle.

It’s a flower.

Not of a great deal of interest to dogs, I can tell you, but the Carer has been watching them as they have come out and taking pictures, of course.

It’s really starting to look a bit like Spring but these aren’t spring flowers….

She commented that although the Belladonnas had flowered quite some time ago, they were taking their time in putting up their leaves.  She told me that her white ones in the garden had finally started and we poked around out the back looking for the paddock pink ones and they are starting to show through. Soon it will be time to get the ‘ride-on’ out and trim everything down so the paths where we walk are clear of growth. Not sure what a ‘ride-on’ is, but as long as I can still sniff and run and explore, it will be okay.

So then it was off through the gorse looking for Wallabies but all we found were Bronzewings again….Until we reached the Pine Tree.

Love getting underneath and into the soft warm pine needles…..

Then it was off up the secret path in reverse….. seeing as we haven’t been here for a week or so, there were heaps of new smells so I spent a lot of time with my nose to the ground.  The Carer was looking at other things like that funny Gully again –

I’m not sure what she finds so interesting about it.  Perhaps its the stories she’s read about Growler’s Gully and it being where there were lots of people living in the gold rush times, washing gold out of the creek that’s no longer there?

Anyway, while we were poking around, she found the best bit of litter we’ve found in all our walks….She saved taking a picture until we got home:

Yep…. its a golf ball….and we found it right up the top of the ridge of the secret path.  You remember we thought that the blackberry space looked like a putting green – maybe someone else thought so too? It’s definitely a bit far from the golf course to be a wide shot into the rough!

I gave it poke again this morning when we went out to walk the boundaries – it rolled down the verandah ’til it was stopped by a pot but it really isn’t all that much fun to play with.

Lovely bright sunny morning despite the chill in the air and the sheep were still there…. didn’t feel like chasing anything much today so just sauntered past with my nose to the ground and went straight past the Magpie that was sitting on the fence post watching me!

On the way back past the dam, we spotted something odd sitting on the top of one of those ant’s nests. The Carer went to look – I could smell something meaty…..

Not sure if you can tell from this but it’s a rabbit’s head and some of it’s fur.  The ants and a few wasps were having a field day and I wanted to help…. The Carer (the mean thing), she wouldn’t let me get close!

Bit sad really…..

We collected a couple of bits of alcohol litter again today…. wish they would take their empties home with them! Of course, the bins had already been collected this morning so they became the first bits for next week’s collection.

Nap time…. the Carer tells me she’s got a heap of reading for her study to do today so I best just keep watch on her and make sure she does it!



Day 22

We are beginning to wonder what’s happening to the water pipes around here.  Last Thursday, we had a spectacular rupture that resulted in no water to the house for about 4-5 hours.  The Carer tells me it that when the water came back on again, it was all cloudy and it made the pipes groan.  I thought that the TROLL had moved in under the house for a bit.

Pretty cool, huh? but sooooooo much water just ran down the drain. 😦

So, yesterday afternoon, after the Ruth Sheila had been to visit (She smells familiar so I let her come in) we discovered there was no water again!  After I had my dinner, we went for a walk to see if the fountain was back but it seems the problem was further up Reef Street.

All we found on our walk exploring the sand dunes again, was plenty of signs there were gold prospectors about…. 🙂 (Gold prospectors disguised as rabbits or ‘Roos, I think)

Didn’t look as if they found much…..

About 6pm, it (the water, that is) came back on again – just in time to make sure I had plenty in my bowl for the night.  Later on that evening, the Carer went to the toilet…..OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What was that noise under the house???? Seems there’s a lot of air trapped in her pipes and its making them groan and shudder like there’s no tomorrow…. startled the life out of me.

This morning we said goodbye to the Bloke for a couple of days…. he’s been working on the house doing Bloke things and on the caravan too, so he’s off to see someone that fixes his broken bits and then there’s a funeral to go to. I’ll miss him because he lets me clean his floor for him.

It was ‘check on the ranch’ day today – so we hopped in the car, ‘cos the Carer said we would go somewhere different afterwards.

Did the full sniff patrol on the outside as well as the inside and it all appears to be shipshape….

Sniff Patrol – nothing out of the ordinary here.

The Carer found something interesting growing in your tomatoes – and she picked a few too.

Strange mushrooms….didn’t know they came tomato colour too….

She took a couple of other pictures too…. all I know is, I wanted to get a move on for that special walk she promised.

A couple of days of sunshine and these should look fantastic….
This will be a nice feast for the Mandarin Bloke…


So back in the car and we were off…. I wasn’t at all sure where we going so I hopped in the front seat.  I wasn’t too popular ‘cos I stepped on the tomatoes and squashed a couple but it was absolutely necessary to be there to make sure we didn’t get lost.

I like this place – when I knew where we were…. the view is fantastic and the smellllssss …. oh, the smelllllsss, there were so many, I was off like a rocket exploring all the tracks and trails.

View from ANZAC Hill

She was hard pressed to keep up with me….

Round the circle….

But of course, she wanted to take pictures so that slowed her up a bit….

The only one of the ‘new’ crosses we found with a name on it….

It seems that there was a lot of planting done… there were these crosses and wire enclosures keeping green plastic safe from the Kangaroos.  There was not one sign of anything living inside the green plastic which was a bit sad.  Every one of these white crosses had a green plastic captive beside it and not one of them showed signs of life.

I’m off… keep up, slow coach!

It’s all down hill from here.  I think…..

The Observer’s Hut view… love the colour of those poplars…

Well, it was downhill to this bit but then we had to go back up again – the Carer was a bit cranky ‘cos apparently this steep a slope makes her knees hurt.

One last glimpse of the horizon and it was back to the car to go home again.  This time I sat quietly in the back ‘cos I knew that she knew where we were going…..

This is a big burn off…. someone has lot’s of rubbish to get rid of….

She tells me she’s going shopping now, so I will be left in charge of the house to guard against Trolls and to see if I can scare that Mouse to death.  If truth be told, I’ll probably just find a warm spot and sleep for a bit…. 😉



Day 21

Last night we took an after dinner walk around the back paddock.  It was later so there was no exploring of secret paths to be had but we did go off road again around those lime kilns. Its fun scrambling over the sand dunes; bit like being at the beach.

The view from my favourite chair (and bush sniffing site) was pretty cool.  The sun hadn’t set yet the tatty moon was hanging in the sky, plain as day.  No, Boss, there was no howling ‘cos it wasn’t a full moon!


Apparently I was the source of great amusement for the Carer last night.  She was watching the TV and I was snoozing on the blanket.  She tells me I was woofing and twitching and running and wiggling – all while I was fast asleep! Not fair! Can’t a dog dream????

Off to the railway walk this morning…. the big black noisy things are out on the tracks today so I won’t go too close.  We walked back down past the Pat Sheila’s dam again this morning – I’m not sure what was wrong with it but there was all this smokey stuff hanging over it….

Over the tracks and I was off to inspect my sheep paddock.  For some reason or other, they were all sitting in a circle watching me.  I just sniffed the air and kept going…. hang on? Where’s the Carer gone?

Seems she had heard the noisy thing blast it’s whistle and turned around and RAN up the hill to get a good view of it on the tracks….. shheeeshhh, we’re out for a walk not a photo session!

Off round the bend, we’re not going to check out the KANGAROOS this morning, so we headed the opposite direction. We did find what looks a bit like a rhinoceros….. (if you use your imagination) Being a dog, I’m not sure what a rhinoceros looks like but She said it did so I guess that’s fair!


We’d spotted a fair bit of rubbish on the way out, so we started to collect on the way back home – three alcohol cans, two alcohol bottles, two take away sauce containers and a biodegradable plastic bag to carry it all home in….not impressed, weekend visitors, ‘cos we had made sure that everything was clean and tidy along this route.

It’s especially worrying as the bottles break and are a hazard for paws….


She tells me that her Fitbit thing said we had walked 2.36km – not sure if that’s good or bad. Just know that I like it! Woof!


Day 20

We had a bit of fun yesterday afternoon ‘cos we went for a walk before dinner and decided seeing as it hadn’t rained for a few days, we would go bush….

Down to the back paddock and, instead of following our usual trail, we headed off to look at rocks.  Rocks.  Boring to a dog, ‘cos you can’t dig them up but still, SHE wanted to look at them so we went.

Can’t understand what was so interesting myself….

From here we tracked down along the edge of the gorse (nasty prickly weed – wish the Blokes would get rid of it) until we came to the PINE TREE.

I like this Pine Tree because hidden behind it is a secret path.  We had come down this path the other day and I wanted to go back up the other direction so we did!!! So exciting ‘cos there were a whole lot of new smells to find and Bronzewing pigeons to startle.

The Carer liked to see the gully from a whole new perspective once we were hidden from view …..

She says we’re looking back towards the Machinery Museum but I’m not so sure….

… and what was so surprising was when we got to the blackberry clearing near the end – it was GREEN.  Last week, it was tinder dry and crackling under foot.

It’s almost like a putting green…. whatever that is. 😉

She decided that walking the secret path route in reverse was much easier and we were less likely to get lost – like we nearly did last time we came through here!

Today was bright and sparkly but I had to wait for a bit before we went out – the Carer had washing to stick on the line.  I was patient though and eventually we went off down to check out the sheep again.

Still there, but looking a bit happier ‘cos there’s spots of green in their paddock too.

Bit further down and we decided to investigate the Pat Sheila’s dam – the Carer said it would be good to see water in it again as it had gone completely dry over the summer . It looked pretty good this morning!

I was still on lead so I wasn’t going to splash in that!

Over the railway tracks and down to the next lot of sheep and what should we find?  Someone had been making a big mess around the track and left all these marks in the ground…..


Not very friendly…..and it is more chopped up than it looks in the picture….

Then we headed up the track to see whether there were any Kangaroos on the track again but they weren’t there this time. 😦  The Carer said she spoke to someone on the weekend about seeing them there and apparently they come often to eat in Allan’s paddock so we might just see them again one morning.

Up to the mines…..

… and then down the track to the railway station….. ooooppppsss…. loose dog alert!!!  There was someone coming the other way up the track and their dog was running free.  The owner said it was friendly but she didn’t have a lead with her (!!!) The Carer clipped me up and we headed off across the paddock while the loose dog was herded up the hill.  We circled around the willow tree and came back to the path with no feathers ruffled or barks exchanged.

Parked up in a cage we could see a bright shiny train ….. the Carer says this one has just had a new paint job – looked pretty flash to me.

Its brass number plate was sparkling in the sunshine … don’t think you can see it here though…..

When we got back to the house, the Carer decided I had been very very good today, so there was a treat… but I had to earn it.

Let me show you how good I was!

There’s more washing to go on the line….a dog’s day is just soooooo busy, I don’t know how I find the time to snooze.